US Law Enforcement on High Alert for July 4th Video

posted on 03 Jul 2015 19:41 by bettercongress143
Transcript for US Law Enforcement on High Alert for July 4th

Law enforcement on high alert this long holiday weekend. The FBI and homeland security concerned about a possible terror attack warning everyone to be vigilant in the wake of those attacks overseas. Our senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas tracking it from Washington. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, George. One day after that wave of Isis attacks at security checkpoints in Egypt killing 53 soldiers we're hours away from a holiday weekend that have U.S. Law enforcement locked in. We spoke to officials at a number of police departments across the country who said they were stepping up high security for this Independence day. FBI and intelligence officials are working full tilt. Authorizes are on edge because recently every day Isis is using social media to encourage thousands world much wide to attack wherever they are. Last week there were attacks not only in Egypt but also Kuwait and Tunisia and that proves that the followers are listening. No specific threat has been identified but holiday revelers can expect to see armies of police this fourth of July. There will be a lot of S.W.A.T. Teams lurking in the shadows that they won't see, George. And, Pierre, we know these social media messages are hitting home here in the U.S. Which makes law enforcement's job so difficult. So many people to sift through. Reporter: Yes, they are. Isis has hundreds if not thousands of followers here in the U.S. Imagine trying to figure out who is young and misguided and who is actually dangerous, George. Such a difficult task. Okay, Pierre, thanks very much. It really is. George. Thank you.

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